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Child safety is a vital consideration when it comes to installation & use of window treatments. Curtain Gallery lays great emphasis on compliance of its products to standard Child Safety regulations.

At Curtain Gallery, safety of children is prioritised above anything else.

We include safety devices and tags in every packaging to ensure that none of the curtains are left unsecured and the cords of the blinds are in place. Our window furnishings comply with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Child Safety Regulations. When opting to install our products, customers can naturally enjoy peace of mind as all items that we provide are made to establish safety in your house.

The following four steps will ensure safety, specifically for children who are aged below 6 years.

  • Check out the curtain and blind cords for warning labels that show important tips to prevent child related accidents.
  • Secure the cords and chains properly so that there are no loose cords, and prevent them from reaching your child.
  • Before installing, ensure that the products match with child safety compliant devices.
  • Keep the cords away from closely stowed furniture so that the children cannot reach the loose cords.
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