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Vertical blinds are perfect for covering the windows in a wide range of living spaces. They are multifunctional as they add to the appeal of the stylistic layout and are enormously helpful at any given time. Also, they are a financially savvy answer for covering huge windows, or those that come in various sizes and shapes. Being simple to utilise, they are an absolute must-have in every interior space, and filter out daylight without blocking the view outside.

The blinds offered by Curtain Gallery are chic, practical and superbly composed. We offer a tasteful assortment of patterns and colours to browse. You can likewise choose to shut out all outside light, or opt for partial blockage to coordinate your needs and in addition offer protection against UV rays. Choose from vertical blinds in different textures to coordinate your existing home decor and take your pick from an unmatched assortment.

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  • Easy to control
  • Sound absorption
  • Easy Cleaning