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Curtain Gallery Lined Curtains (One Pass) are just part of our Accent’s Custom-Made Curtains range.

Lined curtains have a bonded lining that blocks most light.
Lined curtains come in a wide range of Curtain Fabrics from Solids and Weaves to patterns such as Jacquard and Damasks.

Tracks & Pleats:

  • Works with different Curtain Pleats: including Rolled Pleats, Curtain Eyelets, Gathered Pleats and Pinch Pleats
  • Works with any Curtain Track
  • Can be drawn by Hand using fabric or Flick Sticks, Child Safe Curtain Cords, or Electric Curtain Systems

  • Lined curtains soften your room
  • Keep your rooms private day or night
  • Lined curtains block out most light
  • Protect your furniture
  • Particularly in rooms exposed to direct sunlight