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Made to meet the prerequisites as in longevity, simplicity and reliability; shutters to the homeowners in Perth are the affordable, efficient and economical window covering solution. Shutters are one of the most popular window treatments today, due to their modern, clean-lined appearance. They are easy to maintain and resistant to mould and mildew, making them perfect for wet areas such as bathrooms and toilets. Our classic window shutters are perfectly designed for excellent privacy control and the room's beauty. Our custom-made shutter prices (including installation) start at $259/sq.m only for all spaces in Perth.

Curtain Gallery is Perth's leading provider of high-quality shutters. To buy modern shutters from a trusted store in Perth, you would later congratulate yourself for trusting Curtain Gallery. Our modern, custom-made shutters are bound to match your different window dressing needs; that is what has made us the go-to provider. All our expertly manufactured, custom-made shutters contain a series of unique features which are necessary for homes in Perth. We assure our customers in Perth love our vast array of window shutter designs boasting long-lasting and beautiful finishes. Because of the superior finishes, our shutters are scratching-resistant and do not crack, neither chip or peel. In fact, our shutters are excellent insulators, which will lessen the cooling and heating energy costs all year round. 

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We provide custom made shutters as needed by residents of, in both PVC and timber, premium products that provide durability and value for money. Curtain Gallery made easy window covering shutters shopping in Mandurah & Perth Region. 

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These are the chief characteristics of the shutters we are supplying to our customers in Perth:

  • Practical
  • Increase curb appeal
  • Premium light control
  • Custom made shutters
  • Suitable for shaped and corner windows
  • Clear view tilt rods as a standard ( not visible)
  • Strong and durable shutters
  • Low maintenance

Variety of colours/stains available

Modern, Custom-Made Shutters From Curtain Gallery Are the Absolute Must To Retain An Unbeatable Look 
To visualize the aesthetic change in your room, buy sleek shutters to enhance your space from our well-established store in Perth. Once you have decided and bought from us, you will be happy to discover, our shutters are: 

  • Durable - Made using patented coating technology enabling years of durability. 
  • Efficient - Along with adding aesthetics to a home, our shutters are excellent at improving efficiency and cutting down pollution. Hence, a reason why our shutters have made a cut-through in the competitive market of Perth. 
  • Maintenance - Wiping the window shutters using a damp cloth once or twice every month. 

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