4 Pro Tips On Selecting Curtains When Buying Online

4 Pro Tips On Selecting Curtains When Buying Online
17 Feb 2023

Are you unsure whether to choose blinds, blockout curtains, or sheer curtains? This riddle is one we are all too familiar with. And as time has gone on, we've discovered that the most frequent cause of this is the vintage charm that curtains have. They look so stylish and ooze effortless charm, transforming any area from plain to fab. However, it is also claimed that curtains are more expensive than blinds. As a result, they frequently go unnoticed. So far, at least.

If you're thinking about making some home modifications, you might be able to get the results you want by simply replacing your window furnishings with blockout curtains and sheer curtains by buying them from an assured online store in Mandurah.

The curtains of today are of a higher calibre and come in a broad variety of colours, fabrics, patterns, and styles. We offer a tantalising assortment along with exceptionally low costs.
What is the best way to proceed without pulling out your hair? Let's investigate.

1. Should You Line Your Curtains Or Not?

The advantages of lining curtains are numerous. One benefit is that it can instantly add fullness and richness to the curtain. Additionally, they hang differently since the lining makes them heavier and causes them to drape opulently.

In addition, by keeping out heat and cold, they can then assist in maintaining a steady room temperature.The curtain fabric is protected by lining, assuring its life and durability.

Features and Advantages:

  • Lining stops fabric from fading in the sun;
  • Cloth flows and falls more uniformly;
  • Aids in blocking out noise, sunshine, and heat, and offers greater privacy.

2. Curtain Colours And Materials

The fun part now starts. The fascinating process of selecting materials and colours can be made simpler if you have a few pointers at your disposal. The first step is relevant in this situation. If you've already evaluated the space, you'll be aware of how much everyday sunlight you'll be dealing with. This is crucial since a room that is frequently exposed to light can eventually cause the curtain to fade, especially if the colour is vibrant. However, if you tend to replace your window decorations more frequently, this might not be a major issue for you. You should most definitely also consider how the colours you select complement the style of your room. So take into consideration things like wall colour and other soft furnishings like carpets. If the setting is already bright and busy with patterns, it’s a good idea to stick to something neutral to balance it all out. Naturally, when we talk about fabrics we can’t skip over the two mains: Blockout and Sheer. So let’s take a look:


Ideal for bedrooms and other areas where you desire complete privacy and light, blockout curtains have the following features and advantages. The thick lining helps to control the temperature in your home and offers UV protection and insulation. It also lowers energy costs and blocks out outside noise and light.


  • Sheer curtains give every place a softer feel and a cosy atmosphere.
  • Sheer cloth still filters sunlight while allowing users some privacy.
  • For the greatest results, combine with blockout shades or drapes.
  • A pair of curtains (usually a sheer and blockout curtain installed on a double-track)

Benefits & Features:

  • One window. Double the advantages
  • More insulation at night and privacy during the day
  • Obstructs sunlight and disruptive noise
  • Ambience provided by diffused natural light and a filtered view
  • Usually, a full blockout curtain is backed with a sheer curtain in this arrangement.
  • Typically, the lining is put over sheers or uncoated materials.

3. Measuring

Your measurements are crucial if you choose custom drapes. Before measuring, you should think about these two things:

a. From where will the curtains be hung?

There are two common choices:

  • The curtains are fixed with a Face Fix to the wall and a Top Fix to the ceiling.
  • The size of the window, the height of the ceiling, and the desired style all influence the ideal height at which to hang your curtains.

b. In what manner do you want your drapes to open?

With an aperture in the middle, the curtains can stack to the left, to the right, or on either side. Even better, choose an offset pair with unequal openings on either side. Measure the precise width and height of your curtain treatment in millimetres using this information.

4. Using Blinds As A Pair

Even though curtains are fantastic on their own, they can be coupled with equally fantastic blinds for a truly unique appearance. It is possible to stack them; for a traditional, elegant effect, consider sheer curtains below Venetian blinds. Your blinds might be opened while the sheers remained closed in this manner. Under these lovely, black silk drapes, there are roller blinds.

The possibilities are infinite with so many solutions available. You can obtain functionality that is ideal for you and design your very own, personalised style. And contrary to what you might have anticipated, none of this will cost you any money. Due to its affordability, bespoke, luxurious window furnishings are now a reality with a little help from DIY.

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