What Should You Know About Blinds Width For Windows?

What Should You Know About Blinds Width For Windows?
05 Feb 2024

The majority of people don't think much about window Blind size, but did you realize that there is a science behind it? In addition to keeping a few other considerations in mind, the width of your Blinds should match the width of your window. Discover all the information you require to choose the ideal wider blinds by reading on!

The Types of Wider Blind To Try Out

There are numerous varieties of Blinds for window treatments available in the market of Perth, and each has certain advantages of its own. There are several options available if you want a Blind that is wider than your window. 

  • Selecting a Roller Blind is among your options. You may simply select one that is broader than your window because it can be customized to fit any width. They're a fantastic option for hectic homes because they're also simple to utilize.
  • Alternatively, you might go with a Roman Blind. Given that they are composed of fabric, Roman Blinds can give your space a little flair. You can pick one that is ideal for your space because it comes in a range of widths.
  • An alternative would be a Venetian Blind. They are constructed from metal or wood slats that can be adjusted to let in the ideal quantity of light. Additionally, they come in a range of widths, so you may choose one that is ideal for your space.
  • A type of window Blind called a Pleated Blind is made up of fabric panels that are pleated to form a convex or concave shape. To conceal or expose the window, they can be raised or lowered.

How to Measure for Wider Blinds?

You must measure the width of your window and add the necessary amount of extra width to that measurement if you want your Blinds to be wider than your window. For instance, you would need to get Blinds that are 62 inches wide if you wanted your screens to be 2 inches larger than your window's width of 60 inches.

Any ornamental trim surrounding the window that could obstruct the Blinds should be considered while taking measurements. To make sure the shades will fit properly if there is a lot of trim, you might wish to order them even wider than the size of your window. 

The Benefits of Wider Blinds

Compared to conventionally narrow window screens, wider ones have many advantages. To start with, they can block out more light since they offer more covering. This is perfect for spaces with lots of natural light or for people who wish to create a cozier, darker environment.

Wider Blinds can also contribute to the illusion of larger windows in compact spaces. You can use this optical illusion to help make small places look larger and more airy. Lastly, compared to their narrower counterparts, wider shades typically have a more fashionable appearance, making them ideal for contemporary-style houses.

How Are They Installed?

Window Blinds are a fantastic way to give your house more flair and privacy. However, you must install your new window treatments before you can use them. Here is a short installation tutorial for them

  1. Pick the ideal spot for your Blinds. Anyplace with direct sunshine or drafts from the shades is something you should steer clear of.
  2. Attach the brackets that will secure the Blinds. The majority of them include two brackets—one for the window's left and right sides. 
  3. Fasten it to the openings. All you have to do is snap the Blinds onto the brackets once they're in position. 
  4. Modify the cord's tension to ensure smooth opening and closing.

To What Extent Should Window Blinds Cover a Window?

There has long been discussion on how much of the window Blinds should be covered. While some contend that they should reach the top of the window, others maintain that they should simply cover the lower part of it. You have to consider several factors when you are making this choice.

Consider function first. Consider choosing ones that cover more of the window if seclusion is your goal. The ones that cover only half of the window might be plenty if all you want to do is block out light.

Second, think about aesthetics. Blinds that cover a smaller portion of the window can let in more light if you want to highlight a stunning view. But if your windows need to be updated, then maybe the best course of action is to cover them with a screen.

The choice of how much of the window to cover ultimately comes down to personal taste. Choose the option that you believe looks the best in your house—there is no right or wrong answer. 

The width of your Blinds will depend on a variety of factors, including the size and form of your window, the design of your space, and your personal preference, therefore there is no definitive answer to this question. On the other hand, most people generally want Blinds that are at least two inches wider than the window itself. This lets some natural light into the space while providing adequate light control and seclusion.

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