Transform Your Home with Perth's best Plantation Shutters

Transform Your Home with Perth's best Plantation Shutters
30 Apr 2024

Perth is renowned for its abundance of sunshine, sense of flair, and passion for designing stunning indoor-outdoor living areas. Perth homes have always favoured plantation shutters as a window decoration option, and in 2024, some intriguing new trends that appeal to this aesthetic are likely to emerge. 

  • Natural Materials Rule Supreme:
    Using natural materials in interior design is still a popular trend. This is a lovely translation of plantation shutters for homes in Perth. Timber Plantation shutters give warmth, character, and a hint of luxury to any space. They are made from sustainable materials like plantation oak or Western Red Cedar. 

  • Light and Airy Takes Center Stage:
    Making the most of natural light is important due to Perth's sunny environment. Wider louvre plantation shutters let in lots of light, making the space feel light and spacious. This is especially well-liked in coastal homes where having a connection to the outside is important.

  • Slimline Louvres for a Modern Edge: 
    Slimline louvres are becoming more popular because they provide a clean, modern appearance. These smaller louvres provide superb privacy and light control while keeping a sleek, modern appearance that blends beautifully with Perth's modern architecture.

  • Hidden Hinges To Retain A Seamless Look:
    Plantation shutters with hidden hinges for a seamless appearance are quite popular among people who want an extremely tidy and streamlined appearance. With these shutters, there are no more noticeable hinges, giving the room a more polished, seamless look that complements the entire style. 

  • Bright Shutters Make A Statement:
    Although white shutters are still a timeless option, 2024 will see a stronger trend in shutter design. For a classic elegance, soft greys and natural wood tones are in. To add a distinctive touch to their room, some Perth homeowners are choosing to add a pop of colour with shades like charcoal grey, navy blue, or even soft sage green.

  • For the Ultimate Convenience, Consider Motorized Shutters:
    Perth is adopting technology as it makes its way into window treatments. With just a touch or even voice assistants, you can regulate light and privacy with motorized plantation shutters, providing the utmost in ease. This is ideal for windows that are difficult to reach or for building a fully functional smart house.

  • Vertical Shutters for Sliding Doors:
    The increasing demand for vertical plantation shutters is a reflection of Perth's passion for indoor-outdoor living. These shutters are perfect for sliding glass doors because they provide excellent light control and privacy, allowing interior and outdoor environments to flow seamlessly together.

When selecting plantation shutters for your Perth house, keep these trends in mind to get a fashionable and useful window treatment that satisfies modern design principles. Recall that the ideal shutters for your house will rely on your preferences, your demands, and the overall layout of the room. Finding the ideal fit for your windows can be made easier by exploring the newest possibilities with the assistance of a trustworthy Perth plantation shutter provider.

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