5 Materials Used In Window Blinds

5 Materials Used In Window Blinds
05 Feb 2020
Window blinds are beautiful. They can improve the room privacy as well as add value. Venetian, roller, vertical, honeycomb and panel glide blinds are made of different types of material in Mandurah. Blinds are durable, long-lasting and very easy to install.

Here are the 5 most common types of materials used in window blinds.


1. Metal

Aluminium is used in metal blinds. These blinds are famous for their strength and sturdiness. Aluminium blinds are rustproof and they are also very affordable. These widow blinds have a very unique style. They can improve the beauty of your room. Metal blinds require very low maintenance as compared to other blinds. So, if you are looking for an affordable and long-lasting window blind then metal blinds will the great choice.

2. Plastic

Just like aluminium, plastics are widely used in making of window blinds. These materials are very affordable and also require very little maintenance. Apart from that, plastics are weatherproof and wear & tear-resistant. Another advantage is that they are available in a vast range of colours. So, plastic blinds are ideal for decorating a room. However, the longevity of these blinds is quite lesser than metal blinds. If you are looking for a decorative window treatment then choose plastic blinds.

3. Wood

Wood is a very common material used to make window blinds. Undoubtedly, wood blinds have elegance. These blinds are costly because of their style and sophistication. Wood blinds not only improve the room privacy but they also add value to your room. However, these blinds require little maintenance. You need to clean them regularly to keep them clean. Though  Wooden blinds are costly they are a long term investment. 

4. Faux wood

Faux wood blinds are the greate alternative of traditional wooden blinds. PVC is generally used as a faux wood material. There are so many advantages of faux wooden blinds. They are less expensive as compared to wooden blinds. Faux wood blinds are light in weight and very easy to install. Their elegant and classy look can easily improve the room’s beauty. Apart from that, though maintenance is not required.

5. Synthetic materials

Last but not the least, nowadays, synthetic blinds are in great demand. Synthetic materials are cost-effective and easy to maintain. They are mostly found in modern roller blinds. Synthetic window blinds have a contemporary look and they are also available in different colours and styles.
Metal, plastic, wood, faux wood and synthetic materials have several advantages. They have unique features and style. If your budget is low then choose metal, plastic, faux wood or synthetic blinds. Otherwise, you can select wooden blinds.

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