5 Tips to Select Curtains

5 Tips to Select Curtains
09 May 2019
Framing your windows with long drapes and curtains is certainly a great way of adding glamour and personality to your room. However, selecting curtains may be quite a hectic affair.

To make your job easy, here are 5 tips to choose the perfect curtains.


1. Consider the purpose of the curtains in your room

What should be the purpose of the curtains in the room? Privacy? Warmth? Darkness or just a splash of colours? Different rooms have different purposes. So, this needs to be considered before buying. For example, if its darkness that you want to create then a blackout lining or sunblock curtains would be an ideal choice. Blackout linings do wonders in a bedroom. 

2. Think about the colours and patterns

Curtains usually take up a huge amount of visual space and can have a great impact on the look of a room. So picking the right colour is very important when it comes to curtains. The colour and pattern of the fabric that you are considering need to match with the interiors of the room like the sofa, pillows, walls and others. 

3. Don't try to skimp on the size 

The curtains you install must be double the width of your window. They should also be quite long. If you want a rich and classy look you can allow them to puddle on floor but if you want a clean and more streamlined appearance, then allow them to skim the floor. When its short curtains, make them brush your window sill. If you are buying custom made curtains, it is fine but if it's a ready-made one, then buy the ones that are long enough and hem them if needed. 

4. Do consider the fabrics for your needs 

Velvet is a luxurious material but is bit heavy. Cotton is easy to be cleaned and versatile. Sheers are graceful and light but do not provide much privacy. Wool is quite strong and can hold embellishments such as fringe and tassels but is heavy. 

5. Don't forget about the hardware 

The finials and curtain rods must match the fabric. If you consider buying velvet, keep in mind that they need to be on big and decorative rods but if you buy sheers and light silks the light-weight & dainty ones would do. So, before choosing the curtain for your room make sure the hardware you have would sit on the rod well. 
Now, you already know what you should do and what you should not while picking up the curtains for your room. Right? So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and gear yourself up to shop for curtains! 
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