7 Ways To Install Roller Blinds

7 Ways To Install Roller Blinds
28 Sep 2018
Roller Blinds installation is pretty easy. But, you may face some problems if you want to do it yourself. First of all, find the area where you want to fit the blind, then assess the space, thereafter cut the blinds and install it to the window. This article will showcase how you can fit the roller blinds. Follow the steps carefully.
1. Choose The Right Place
Fit the roller blinds on the front side of the window. So, assess the space you have and depending on it either fit the roller blinds either on the window frame or on the wall, just above the window frame.
2. Check For Any Barrier
Check for any barrier while installing the blinds. You may find a window handle coming in the way. If it is the case then you may choose to hang the blinds in such a way that it rolls and unrolls from the front instead of from the back. 
3. Measure Blinds Width
If you are planning to hang the blinds inside the window frame, evaluate the width of the blinds alongside mounting brackets. Allow at least 5 mm space at every side of the frame so that brackets can be fitted with ease.
4. Fit The Chain
Determine where you want to fit the chain of the blinds, it may be on the left side or on the right side. Mark the position and then fix the brackets. Lastly, fit the chain on the side you find it suitable.
5. Fit The Brackets
Take a wood drill bit and then drill holes. Fit the first bracket and tighten the screws. Afterward, take a long strip of wood and make a proper adjustment with the roller. Once it is done, drill holes for the second bracket. Now fit the second bracket and tighten the screws.
6. Fit Brackets To Ceiling
Point out the center of the window frame. Mark this point on the ceiling. Now from that point, evaluate the brackets’ positions both to the left and the right (left and right denotes each half of the actual length).
7. Cut The Fabric And Fix It 
Take a rod out of the blinds. Now using a scissor cut the fabric according to the size of the rod of the blinds. Fix the fabric to the roller so that it stays perfectly horizontal. Now using your both hands, roll the roller to the top edge of the fabric. Roll up ¾ the of the blind. Once it is done, insert the insert the rod back that you have taken out earlier. Now it is fully ready. With the aid of chain mechanism first, insert the roller into the first roller and then into the second bracket.
Let’s wrap up. Hope you can install the blinds following the steps mentioned above. If you find any difficulty seek help from the professionals. You can find professionals in Mandurah who are skilled in installing roller blinds.

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