Best Designing Tips For Coastal Window Treatments

Best Designing Tips For Coastal Window Treatments
16 Jan 2018
Do you live in a coastal area? This means the approach of your home design will be a little different than others. Not only do coastal homes have a distinctive style, but they’ll also have a few considerations that other homes might not have, especially when it comes to window treatments.
Here’s what you can do with your window treatments to make your coastal home look its very best.
Preserve your views and privacy
Homes that are situated near the coast have some of the best views. So keeping them free from obstacles is a good idea whether it's day or night. But, keeping this in mind you must also not forget about the privacy. Sheer blinds or draperies may be all the rage in some homes, but they’ll also let any random passersby see into your home.
So, it is great idea to opt for a more versatile window decor like plantation shutters. They give you tons of flexibility on both your view and your privacy. The tilting louvres offer great visibility, and the panels themselves can be swung fully open or shut. This means, you can adjust your privacy levels at different times of the day or based simply on your needs.
Don’t let salty air affect your windows
Living on the coast means you’re prone to saltwater and moisture laden air. Salty air can contribute to rust on your car, corrosion on metal patio furniture, and also damage your window treatments. Thus, if you want long lasting functionality along with perspective, you should focus on window treatments that won’t hold moisture. Think wood, whether that means faux wood blinds or Polywood timber shutters. Either of them will shrug off moisture, keeping your entire window treatment and frame free from corrosion, musty scents and mildew.
Keep your space and fashion options open
The ocean air is not always bad. One of the best feelings is opening up the windows to let the coastal breeze sweep through your home every morning. For this, you should have a window treatment that won’t sway or blow wildly in the breeze. Stay away from light drapes or curtains, because heavy winds can let them swing at full flow, which may cause accidents or damage to nearby objects. Thus, shutters are a more secure window treatment in coastal homes.
When you are looking to install shutters, always hire professionals, as they are the ones who can give you the best window treatments.
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