Major Tips To Maintain Your Beautiful Curtains

Major Tips To Maintain Your Beautiful Curtains
18 Dec 2019
Curtains can filter the sunlight and improve the beauty of your room. They can be easily installed and also available in a variety of designs and shapes. You can find a number of curtains in  Mandurah like sheer curtains, pleated curtains, eyelet curtains, custom made curtains. Here are some tips to maintain the curtains properly.
Regular Vacuuming
The newly installed curtains always attract outside dirt and micro particles. So, regular maintenance is highly necessary. You can easily remove dust by your domestic vacuum cleaner. It helps to take out all surface dust from the curtain fibre. However, you should handle the vacuum cleaner and its brush attachment very carefully. If you do not have any vacuum cleaner then you can clean the curtains by using soft duster. 
Protect Curtains From Sunlight
Light coloured curtains can reflect the sunrays and also resist fading. However, direct sunlight may cause discolouration and also it can damage dark coloured curtains. So, you should take care of your curtains that always face direct sunrays. You can protect them by installing window shades and blinds. They can easily absorb the direct sunlight and gives protection to your beautiful curtains.
Clean Properly
Good quality curtains never require frequent cleaning but after a certain period of time you need to clean them with proper cleaning solutions. However, you need to select the right curtain cleaner depending upon the type of your curtain fabric. If you do not know the type then you have to check the label before washing. You can also follow the guidelines of the manufacturer. Experts mainly recommend 4 types of curtain cleaning processes. These are general hand cleaning, steam cleaning, dry cleaning and machine washing. You need to clean your curtains weekly or monthly basis. Proper cleaning helps to extend the life of the curtain and maintain its look. Hand cleaning is ideal for light curtain fabrics. For heavier curtains, you should go for steam cleaning or machine washing. 
Deal With Stains
Stains like tea, coffee, wax can be easily absorbed into your curtain fabric. Don’t avoid to deal with such stains if you notice them on your favourite curtains. Take a necessary step to remove stains. There are different types of stain removers are available in Mandurah. You have to purchase the perfect one and mix it water to make a solution. Then clean the stained area by solution properly.  
Regular and proper maintaining helps to extend the look of your curtains. Try to vacuum it regularly. The curtain experts may help you to select the perfect cleaner to make your curtain fresh and dustproof.

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