Selecting Blinds According To Your Purpose

Selecting Blinds According To Your Purpose
20 Aug 2018
Blinds are great for controlling light, setting the mood, maintaining privacy and they are also ideal for setting simple look to your windows. But the hardest part is to select a particular type that will work out well with your living space. 
While choosing blinds, there are certain things that you should consider. These are colour, style, texture and length. Different spaces require different window treatments and for that you need to choose the correct type of blind. 

Vertical blinds for larger spaces:

If the concern is about wide windows, vertical blinds are the way to go. Even bi-fold and sliding glass doors or entrance doors can be fitted with these to match perfectly. They stack to the side and make space for wider windows to serve their purpose fully. 

Roller blinds for privacy:

Roller blinds are an ideal solution if you are in search of complete privacy. These blinds, if drawn, give total blackout option for your room, eliminating every beam of light. Houses exposed to heavy winter extremities can choose this option to stay safe from chills. These blinds do not have gaps, and thus can be very isolating.

Roman blinds for space management:

These blinds lay flat against windows and are generally made from softer fabrics. Though not suitable for spaces exposed to damp, these blinds can create an illusion of a larger window, if installed on a smaller one. 

Venetian blinds for every room:

Whether your house is ultra modern or country style, there is always some provision to install venetian blinds to enhance the decor of the interior. These blinds not only impose low maintenance cost, but are also very easy to install and clean. With a wide variety of colours and materials to choose from, they are extremely versatile. You can choose from aluminium, timber or PVC, to match your needs.

Matchstick blinds for warm interiors:

Rooms with modern furnishings are a great match for matchstick blinds. These products help to add a warm feel to your room and interior space. Available in a range of textures such as grasses, reeds, bamboo and other soft-to-touch materials, these blinds add a luxurious feel to your room. Installing them is very easy and adding lining to the back of the blind can bring in more light into your room. 
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