What are the major differences between blinds & curtains?

What are the major differences between blinds & curtains?
30 Nov 2020

Blinds and curtains both are popular window coverings widely available in the markets. They are used to increase room privacy and control sunlight. They also add an extra layer of enhancement to the room. However, there are some basic differences between window blinds and curtains. Here we share some of the major differences. 

Window blinds are classic window coverings that are mainly used to increase the privacy level of your room. They can also block the sunlight & keep the room environment cool in the hot summer days. Whereas window curtains allow natural sunlight entering the room. They basically filter the sunlight & also add privacy to the room. However, both window blinds and curtains add an extra layer of enhancement to the room. They also add value and perfectly match with the interiors.

In terms of variety, window blinds are available in a wide range of colours, designs, patterns and sizes. They are also classified into different categories. They are Roller blinds, Roman blinds, vertical blinds, aluminium Roman blinds, panel glide blinds, timber blinds, etc. Roller blinds & timber blinds are in great demand in Mandurah. Whereas different types of fabrics are used to make curtains including velvet, linen & cotton. These fabrics are soft and available in a wide range of colours. In Mandurah, sunblock curtains are highly preferable by the homeowners.

Window blinds and curtains both window coverings require very low maintenance. However, dust, dirt, pollen, allergens & other particles are trapped into the curtains and blinds. Over time these impurities make the window coverings very dirty. According to the experts, to clean the window blinds, dusting is enough. You can use a soft towel to remove the surface dust and dirt. Whereas to clean curtains, regular vacuuming is enough. Vacuuming is a simple and eco-friendly process. If you vacuum them regularly, you can keep your curtains clean and fresh.

Budget mainly depends on the quality of the materials. However, as compared to other window coverings, blinds & curtains both are economical options to choose. Reputable companies in Mandurah offer a premium range of curtains and window blinds at the best price. Apart from that, installation charges are also very low. As we discussed above, blinds and curtains both require very low maintenance, so you don't have to worry about high maintenance costs. You can add privacy and value to your room without spending a lot.

Window blinds and curtains both are essential & both have several applications. You choose one depending on your needs and requirements.

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