Which types of roller blinds should you buy?

Which types of roller blinds should you buy?
28 Aug 2019
Roller blinds are the most versatile and cost-effective options for your window treatments. These blinds are classic, elegant and give a sophisticated look to your room. They are available in different colours and provide ultimate privacy with a style. There are four types of roller blinds that should you buy for your window. They are, chain roller, spring operated, pull up rollers and battery operated. Let’s discuss these four types of these blinds in brief.

Chain operated

Chain operated roller blinds are the most popular options and widely available in the market. A high-quality chain roller blind is extremely durable and ideal for long-term use. Like many other blinds, chain operated blinds are generally tailorable and adaptable for specific uses. These blinds are available in different colours, sizes and fabrics. They are very stylish. The unique design always offers an extraordinary look to your room. Chain blinds are highly adjustable and suitable for any kind of skylights and conventional window. For a small investment, chain operated blinds are a great choice.

Spring operated

If you don’t like any long cord or chain to pull the blinds then spring operated roller blind is a great alternative. These blinds come with different patterns and styles as well. They are very much ideal for kid’s or pet’s rooms. Spring operated blinds are generally made of plastic, aluminium and wood and available in different barrel sizes. These window blinds are flexible and you can adjust them easily. In addition, they are stylish enough to make your room elegant.

Pull up blinds

Pull up blinds are extremely ideal for total or selective coverage. These blinds are generally used in some restaurants or residential homes which are situated in a public space or busy area. These blinds give better privacy and also allow sunlight into the room. Pull up blinds are generally installed at the window base. So, when you pull it up, blinds will cover the window. Basically, it has the opposite principle as compared to other roller blinds. You can get maximum privacy by installing these blinds. Apart from that, they require very low maintenance. 

Battery operated

Battery operated blinds are the most upgraded versions to choose for your window treatments. These blinds are highly beneficial. With the help of battery operated remote, you can adjust and control your blinds from anywhere in the room. Battery roller blinds are highly energy efficient as compared to electric blinds. Apart from that, they require very low maintenance and easy to operate.
In Mandurah, we provide these economical, durable and long-lasting blinds. So, you can choose any one of them which you like most.
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