Why Should You Choose Blinds Over Curtains?

Why Should You Choose Blinds Over Curtains?
02 Nov 2017

When you consider to redecorate all your rooms once again, your choice of window coverings can make all the difference. It's worth looking into the huge variety of designs and materials, and combining these to create an effect that really complements your room décor.

In the recent years, metal has become an increasingly popular material for window blinds. It gives a sleek, up to date effect. Metals are hardwearing and can be washed easily. Different types of metal can be used, with aluminum being the most sought after, and the blinds come in a great variety of colours.

Timber venetian blinds

Timber venetian blinds are another fashionable choice of window coverings. Wood can give your room a warm, homely and natural feeling. In addition, they are very versatile and can be stained or painted to achieve a number of effects. Wooden slats are usually between one and two inches in width. Most of the home owners in Mandurrah are choosing to install timber venetian blinds nowadays.

Woven blinds

If you want something similar to timber blinds, cane can be used in woven blinds. The varieties of cane used include bamboo and rattan, and blinds can be made from entire or divided pieces of cane. These blinds do not have slats that can be opened or closed. Some light can enter the room through small gaps in the canes, or the whole blind can be rolled up.

Vinyl blinds

Vinyl or PVC is cheaper and can be used in the manufacture of robust, stylish window blinds. These are available in a variety of designs and colours. They usually work well with modern styles of décor.

Why blinds over curtain?

Window blinds can be used on their own, for a contemporary look that can make a room appear bigger. They are also sometimes used in conjunction with curtains, valences or drapes. The extra material can soften the look of the blinds and impart a feeling of depth to your window dressing. Blinds can be a fun, colourful and innovative way to decorate your windows. The variety of materials and styles on offer can be combined to create an original and stunning effect.

Depending on the type of room, blinds can provide privacy as per your requirement. Using these can lower the shade from the top so that the natural light can come in, but you can still enjoy as much privacy as you require.

Blinds are a great window addition that can be installed without much expense. They don't even need much maintenance.

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