Window Treatments That Add A Style Quotient To Your Rooms

Window Treatments That Add A Style Quotient To Your Rooms
06 Mar 2018
Whatever be the style of your home, windows are one of the most crucial installations that are noticeable in the very first stage of building assessment. Thus, the treatment you choose plays an important role behind adding an ambience that enhances the appeal of your room.
  • Shutters
Shutters are dynamic when it comes to making an architectural statements. They are not only functional and beautiful, but also add value to your home. Shutters are a great consideration if you want to control the sunlight while adding a layer of privacy. Shutters are the best window treatments as they provide an insulation against heat, cold, and sound. If you really want to add extraordinary style, nothing can be better than custom made shutters. Bespoke shutters are especially beneficial if the window frame is oval or circle.
  • Drapes
If you want a soft and relaxing tone in a room, drapes would work wonderfully. Thus, windows without radiators or lack of space between the trims are not a problem anymore, all thanks to drapes. The rods of the drapes must be installed close to the ceiling, just about and inch or two below the crown moulding. This covers the entire window, thus giving a relaxing view and filtered sunlight. It's not bad to opt for custom rods that have no seams and are strong enough to hold the long drapes. 
  • Roman shades
Roman shades actually allow you to play with your favourite fabrics and style. Fabricated roman shades are great for areas like kids' rooms (that have nothing to grab), bathrooms, and kitchens. Roman shades are available in different varieties of materials and colours to suit your specific needs. Most modern house owners are now opting for flat bottom shades to increase the aesthetic appeal of the building. It's a good idea to opt for loop chain for raising and lowering the shades. 
Be sure not to opt for strings as they are unsafe for children.
  • Faux wood blinds
Faux wooden blinds are affordable, attractive, and easy to maintain. This means no fading, or fraying at all. Faux wood blinds look similar to timber blinds and offer great aesthetic appeal to corporate offices. They are the best option for homes in regions with humid climates or high moisture rooms.
Consult with a professional window treatment company who can help you choose the correct product based on the budget and purpose of the room.
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