What are the different types of decorative window shutters?

What are the different types of decorative window shutters?
31 Jul 2019
Window shutters are used to control privacy and sunlight. Moreover, they can enhance the beauty of your home. These shutters come in various colors and designs. There are many different types of window shutters available. In this blog, we are going to share different types of window shutters in brief. Let’s check out the types one by one.

Aluminum Shutters

Aluminum shutters are reasonably priced, light in weight and maintenance-free. They can easily withstand weather conditions such as hurricanes. So, once the shutters are installed in place, you can get long-lasting services, no matter whatever the condition of weather is. They are widely available in louver style. So, if would like to install lightweight but durable shutters then aluminum shutters are the best option for you.

Cedar Shutters

Cedar shutters are most advantageous and very much suitable for domestic purposes. Cedarwood is very much durable and it has pest-resistant properties that can keep bugs, termites and all other kinds of insects at bay. These shutters are long-lasting and compact in size. They are widely available in different sizes. These decorative shutters can be custom made to suit your own style. So, choosing cedar shutters is a good option for you.

Fiber Glass Shutters

Decorative fiber-glass shutters are another best option to choose for your window treatment. These shutters are very durable and require low maintenance. They are cheap, wrap and very much shrink resistant. Moreover, these highly decorative window shatters always add a luxury touch to your room. They are available in various colors and designs such as fixed louver, raised panel, classic panel, batten styles, etc. However, they are a little expensive compared to other shutters.

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl window shutters are generally made of PVC. These shutters are extremely durable, water-resistant and lightweight. Moreover, they are chip, warp and shrink resistant. Look of these shutters similar to conventional wooden shutters. At the same time, they are very much cost-effective and lasts longer in comparison to other wooden shutters. Apart from that, they require no maintenance. If you have a busy life then these window shutters are perfect for your office or home. Vinyl shutters are known as faux shutters because they are completely made of vinyl. A combination of wood and vinyl known as faux wood shutters are widely available in the market.
These are the most common window shutters which are extensively used for your home decoration. If you are planning to install these types of window shutters for your home then you should take a professional service. In Mandurah, Curtain Gallery is a company who offers all kinds of window treatments at a very economical rate. So hurry!! Call the experts at Curtain Gallery and get their top-notch services.

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